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Cameron McCarty is a third-generation financial advisor helping clients reach their retirement aspirations like his grandfather did since 1955. The financial services industry continues to evolve as technology and information becomes readily available at client’s fingertips. But what we found in our industry is a disconnect of professionals.

Does your financial advisor, tax planner and estate planning attorney work together as a team? 
If the answer is no, shouldn’t the next question be…Why not? One professional can not be everything to everybody. At Vivid, we bring that team to you where we collaborate as one on your overall financial plan.

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Wealth Management

If your wealth grows, things don’t get can get more complex. The more we have, the more we may be exposed to losing. Because of the long-term nature of retirement, it is important to have confidence that your portfolio is prepared to withstand the challenging times and is tailored to fit your individual needs.

Tax Planning

Income tax planning can play a pivotal role in the long-term results of your retirement plan. Many people don’t mind paying taxes, they just don’t want to pay anymore than they have to. That’s why we encourage you to look at your future tax liability during your retirement years.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be an emotionally and financially complex task. It’s important to have plan in place to make sure the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate during your lifetime, go to the people or organizations you care about.

Social Security Planning

Deciding when to take Social Security may be one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make in retirement. Whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed, there is a strategy for you.